UNICEF Strengthens Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations to Promote Maternal and Child Nutrition

There is a recognised need to optimise nutritional status before pregnancy, during pregnancy, the post-partum period and breastfeeding, and in the early years of life. The nutritional status of the pregnant women influences the growth and physical and mental development of the foetus. It has a major impact on infant …


Inclusion of Special Education Needs across the Education Spectrum

Inclusive education policy of Ministry of Education outlines that Special Educational Needs (SEN) is an integral component of the education system. In order to provide equal opportunities for all the children, a SEN class has been established in each atoll. SEN is a new area for many teachers and lacks …


Count Me In: Census 2014 Officially Launched

The long awaited Census will be conducted in Maldives in September 2014. During the nationwide population count, all people who are residing in the Maldives will be counted, including, for the first time, the expatriate population. Census is a crucial mechanism to collect important data for policy formulation and development …

UPR Picture

Workshop on Universal Periodic Review Prepares Stakeholders for the Next Cycle

The Human Rights Adviser’s team at UN Maldives supported a workshop organised by the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) to prepare stakeholders for the up coming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Maldives in May 2015.  The one-day workshop was designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding …


UNFPA Maldives Takes Part in Global Selfie Campaign for Youth

UNFPA Maldives took part in the ‘Selfie Campaign’ targeted at youth worldwide as part of its global youth campaign. The selfie campaign was launched in Maldives on 2 July in the run up to this year’s World Population Day on July 11 under the theme of ´Investing in Young People’. …


Lifting the veil that keeps young people locked in a chamber of isolation and silence

More than 100,000 young people die from self-harm every year in the Asia-Pacific region. Over half of them are young women. In Asia and the Pacific, self-harm is the leading cause of death for young women and the second-highest cause of death for young men. As many as half of …


Gender Advocates in Maldives Discuss Ways of Mobilising to Promote Gender Equality in Islam

Muslim women around the world have seen their participation in the private and public sphere curtailed or restricted, to varying degrees, on the basis of religion. This is also the case in the Maldives, where religion is often used as a weapon to justify violence against women, to prevent women’s …


UNDAF Roll-Out Training Focuses on Human Rights Based Approach to Programming

The Resident Coordinator’s Office at UN Maldives together with UN Women and UNEP organized a training workshop on “UNDAF Roll-Out Training: Human Rights Based Approach to Programming, Integrating Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability” targeted at UNCT members and planning and program level staff at UN Maldives. The 3-day workshop was …


WHO urges safe blood transfusions to save mothers

13 June 2014, Colombo: Globally, 800 mothers die every day during pregnancy, childbirth or in the postpartum period – 99% of them in the developing world. Severe bleeding during delivery or after childbirth is the commonest cause of maternal mortality and contributes to around 31% of maternal deaths in Asia. …


UN Women calls on global citizens to bring gender equality into focus

(22 May, New York) UN Women today launched a major campaign in the lead-up to the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the historic Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. A year of activities around the world will aim to mobilize governments and citizens alike to picture a world …