Local development planning as a key to promote island resilience

Local development planning is key to improve island resilience and to promote a new more sustainable path to local development. The integrated planning approach proposed by ‪LECReD Programme has been adopted by national and local authorities and will form the base for island development plans and local financial plans for the period 2017-2021.

The new proposed methodology dwells on LECReD experience in ‪Laamu atoll and is structured on an ecosystems-based approach, initiated through Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments (VCAs) conducted at the island level. The revised local plan template, a detailed handbook and an explanatory video guide were produced by LGA with the support of LECReD Programme and was provided to all islands in the Maldives. The planning process was designed to ensure climate resilient communities by identifying the role of island councils in planning and managing mitigation, resilience and adaptation. The guidelines propose a participatory and inclusive approach and the importance of involving all the relevant stakeholders, as well as women’s role in Island development and enabling their participation in the planning process.

Thirteen local thematic areas based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) were integrated as part of the new plan template and a Training of Trainers was conducted to familiarize all Maldives atolls to the formats and new methodology of the local development plan and financial plan.

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