Youth for Peace Art Contest “Islam – Religion of Peace and Tolerance”

The Youth for Peace Art contest titled “Islam – Religion of Peace and Tolerance”, jointly organized by JCI Maldives, UN Maldives, and Maldives National Center for the Arts, has concluded last week with an award ceremony for the best works in three artistic categories.

Reflecting on the messages behind the winning art pieces, a member of the jury – Dr. Zakariyya Moosa of the Islamic University of Maldives – found that the young artists in the competition have approached the subject with a lot of thought and respect, while also choosing to ‘speak’ in bright colors, producing uplifting images in beautiful lines and shapes.

The objective of the contest was to invite and encourage young Maldivians to engage in reflective and evaluative thinking, to conduct additional research and consult with their mentors and peers, ultimately forming a well – informed understanding and opinion on the peaceful and tolerant nature of the Islamic faith, said Diloro Kadirova, UN Peace and Development Advisor in Maldives. Despite the inherent complexity of the subject for expression through visual arts, the creativity and the quality of the works submitted for the contest by young Maldivian talents was remarkable, she added.

The unifying thought running through the reflections of virtually all young artists who participated in the contest was that the message of peace and tolerance resonates with Maldivian young people very much. “We want to see our nation develop and prosper in peace and stability, and we want to be a part of this process and are ready to give it our best”, they echoed each other. A similar sentiment was shared by the co-organizers of the contest – JCI Maldives, who expressed hope that this contest was not the last initiative of this kind that JCI Maldives would organize, working towards peace and prosperity of their beautiful nation – the Maldives.exhibition0 exhibition4 - a winner in the Painting category exhibition1

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