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Reproductive Health Survey

10th June 2004 – The Ministry of Health with the support of the United Nations Population Fund is undertaking a Survey on the status of Reproductive Health (RH) in the country. The survey is conducted under the UNFPA RH Quality of Care project (2003-2007), implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Public Health.

The survey is a follow-up to the RH Baseline Survey conducted in 1999 and aims to provide information about the service gaps and priorities for future action. The main aim of the current survey is to obtain data on reproductive health (reproductive rights and health, family planning, STD/HIV prevention, human sexuality and sexual violence, adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health) in men aged 15-64 and women aged 15-49 years giving specific focus on assessing and evaluating the changes since the baseline survey in 1999. Particular focus is also given to identifying the RH needs of the large population of adolescents and youth in the country as well as on assessing the availability, accessibility, utilization and quality of RH services for the age group.

The survey has been undertaken in 20 islands in six regions; North, North Central, Male’ Economic region, Male’, South Central and South. Presently, the Ministry of Health is conducting data- analysis and results will be ready for dissemination in July 2004. Reports of the survey will be published and widely distributed.

Survey findings will be used to formulate future strategies and actions in the area of reproductive health in the Maldives.

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