UNDP Facilitates Orientation Programme for the newly-elected Members of Parliament

The Secretariat of the People’s Majlis and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) jointly conducted a one-day workshop for the newly-elected members of the 18th Parliament on Monday (26 May 2014).  The Parliamentary elections were held on 22nd March which saw 85 MPs including 55 new MPs being elected. The workshop is aimed at building knowledge and awareness on principles of democracy, parliamentary culture and processes, and international parliamentary best practices.

UNDP support to the People’s Majlis comes under its Integrated Governance Programme which aims to strengthen capacities of national and local level institutions for improved transparency, accountability and democratic process

The workshop was facilitated by Dr. John Patterson who is an expert on parliamentary affairs with extensive experience working with parliamentarians around the world. Dr. Patterson previously worked in similar assignments in Afghanistan and in Solomon Islands.  Key facilitators of the workshop included the Attorney General of Maldives , the Vice Chairperson of the Human Rights Commissioner and Former Deputy Speaker of Majlis.

In his remarks at the opening of the orientation session, Speaker of People’s Majlis, Honorable Abdulla Shahid expressed hope for an open, transparent and highly successful 18th People’s Majlis, and congratulated the newly-elected MPs on their commitment to serve the nation and its people.

“Members of the Parliament are a personification of democratic principles that the Maldives has embraced and nurtured to date. MPs are entrusted with the vision, hope and aspirations of the voters – the people of the Maldives that MPs represent,” UNDP’s Resident Representative a.i. Ms. Azusa Kubota said. “As the name, People’s Majlis, suggests, MPs are expected to realize them while enacting, amending and revising laws, within your mandate.”

In addition to the workshop targeted for the 18th Majlis, the UNDP also supported the Secretariat of the People’s Majlis in organizing a similar capacity building training for its staff and reviewing their Strategic Plan. The aim of these activities was to strengthen the Majlis Secretariat and ensure acceleration of key function of the Majlis.

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